Every Website has is own story to tell, not only to energize conversions and build a digital brand, that will add value to a users experience.

I interpret the needs of the client, the user and then balance those with my knowledge and understanding of the technologies available, to find the shortest and easiest way to close a digital sales cycle.

local search engine optimization

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 Bernard Posniak PPC Advertising

What’s the difference between Bing Ads and Google Ads

While many PPC advertisers view the two platforms as competitors, they actually work best hand-in-hand. Google undoubtedly has the majority of the search market, but Bing advertising certainly shouldn’t be forgotten. Rather than Google AdWords vs. Bing Ads, marketers should be thinking Google AdWords plus Bing Ads. How do I find Website optimization in New... View Article

Bernard Posniak Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

With the help of an internet advertising company, employ intelligent Twitter and Facebook ads marketing strategy to improve your social media presence. Marketing posts on Faceook give you the boost you need. Any digital marketing agency worth its salt can tell you: social media is the most versatile, cheapest, and often most effective form of... View Article

Bernard Posniak Website Design

Responsive Website Development

Looking at website services for small businesses? Worried about the cost of business web page design? Wondering why you even need the best web development company in the first place? Here are the facts. The costs of starting and running a small to medium business are often the stuff of nightmares; a fact that can... View Article

Bernard Posniak Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

How much are google ads pay per click adverts? Why Bernard Posniak PPC marketing is worthwhile Good PPC takes skill, and great PPC takes strategy, you can’t just hire any fly-by-night to plug in data and monitor the account. A thorough understanding of the advertising platforms, a solid knowledge of rules and guidelines, and a... View Article

Bernard Posniak Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Why do you need website marketing companies to do Local Search Optimization Local SEO is the essential component to every business and brand that wants long-term success across all search engines. What is Local SEO? Local SEO is the most effective way to market your business online. Promote your products and services to local customers... View Article